The day we graduate from college (which will be in about 3-4 years), Jess and I are GONE! Here’s our trip:

We’ll start in Salt Lake City (cause that’s where we live)

On your mark... get set...... GO!!

drive down to Zion National Park

Of course we must see Zion, we may even sleep in the car as our form of camping

From there we will make a stop at the Grand Canyon.

This is a real place!!! Crazy huh? It looks like something out of 2001: The Space Odyssey

After that we will drive down through New Mexico (we may make a stop in Farmington to see my cousins but it seems unlikely seeing as they are so far north of our route.)

Elise's Cousins! Hopefully we'll get to see them πŸ™‚ Free Lodging?

From there we will go up to Colorado to see this:

Elise's cousin Christina recommended we stop at Monitou Springs!! It's gonna be awesome!!

We will make detours along the way (cause that’s who we are) and most likely sleep along the side of the road in my minivan (if it hasn’t passed on by that time).

She is called "The Beast"

On our way through Texas we must try the famous Blue Bell Icecream

My family loves this icecream.... I've never had it.... and I was born in Texas

While we are in the south, we must also have the Southern classics!

Of Course Crawfish!! Totally a Bucket List food

Real Southern BBQ

BBQ man!!!! Towel bib required πŸ™‚

That’s just to name a few. Once we reach Oklahoma City (we will be singing the song until we throw up) We will find a professional noodler to keep us from dying when we wade into chin-deep water so we can stick our arms into a catfish nest, wiggle our fingers around so it will swollow our hands, get a firm grip on the gills, and drag that sucker out, and bring it to shore!

They can get pretty big. Some noodlers have died in this very dangerous sport.

We don’t want to die, so we’ll need a pretty big pro noodler to help us… not die.

Oh and no gloves πŸ™‚ We're hard core.

From Okie we’ll make our way down to the land of Jazz, New Orleans!!!

Bourbon Street

Elise lives for jazz

Jess is most excited for Mardi Gras

We will be staying at the Hotel Provincial – One of the most haunted hotels in New Orleans (and that’s saying something for New Orleans)

It's gonna be awesome! Jess and I are willing to take on any adventure, even a supernatural one

We’ll stay there as long as we can afford, room rates start at $79. This is why we are going to have to start saving up now.

Our Route back has not yet been planned out, but we’ll take a different route so both trips will be an adventure.

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4 Responses to Gradutation

  1. Bree says:

    I was just in New Orleans! Definitely check out the ghost tours you can take cuz they are really cool and entertaining. Check out the LaLaurie house (find the story on the internet), Nicholas Cage’s grave, Brad and Angelinas house, and go look at the 9th Ward some cool stuff there. Also pay the $50 bucks or so and go on the Honey Island Swamp Tour. Its pretty darn sweet and you can see some giant alligators (I saw a 14 foot one!) Any other questions just ask me

  2. Maretta says:

    O-M-G! I can not believe you haven’t had Blue Bell. Go. Now. That catfish noodling sounds dangerous. You should just spend that extra time in Texas eating more Blue Bell! (M00llennium Crunch is the best).

  3. Christina says:

    Sounds SO fun. Except that noodler thing. Are you crazy?

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