We were thinking

ELLI: Last night Jess Tally and I made dinner for my roommate who’s moving out (you can check out what we did on Food Freaks) and we were working like very organized crazy people. It was like a restaurant.

We had so much fun and it was such a huge success, that it got Jess and I thinking… what if we actually did start a restaurant?
We could buy a house and just turn it into a small restaurant. We could find a way to make it cheap and charge enough to make a small profit. Nothing extravagant, just a huge novelty with really good food! We could make each room into a dining area, I mean how COOL would that be?!

I'm thinking when we buy it, it'll look something like this

Maybe we could find some investors, and just get a BUNCH of people in on it. Maybe some of the profits could go to charity even!

Jess wouldn’t it be cool if we had appreciation night every Monday or depending on costs every other Monday!!!! (For those of you out of the loop, Appreciation night is something that Jess and I are working on for the Rescue Mission where we voluteer on Mondays. In this case Appreciation Night would mean the homeless could come and eat for free from like 6-10 on Monday Nights.)

What a thrill! This is a stellar idea Jess!!!! It’s solid!! My vote is that this Officially goes on the list!

JESS: This really is brilliant! It would give the resuraunt/cafe the perfect homey feel. What I would really like is if we opened it one the edge of a neighborhood. That way it would be pretty easy to get regulars, and friends could tell friends.. It would be awesome!

As for appreciation night.. I don’t know Elli.. that is probably just the best idea! Investors would be best, and I also think with just advertising around the area, we could get a lot of people to come, its just a fun homey idea!

The smartest move to make would be to keep our prices as low as possible; that is always the best way to get and keep customers!

OH! How about this, For the most part, we could sell just simple fun stuff like stuffed crepes, Ice cream sunday’s when it’s hot, coffee and tea, pastries, then just pick one night a week as a specialty night where we go all out, three course meal, fancy table cloths, wine glasses, three forks on the table, the whole shebang! Then we could theme it, so one month we would serve fancy Itallian food, the next month Indian food, the next Japanese cuisine! As the chef’s making this menu, we could still go crazy with food without literally working ourselves out of our minds!

On the list, for sure, lets look into this! We should both take business classes, and as much as I know you don’t like the idea, at least some cooking classes as well. Just so we are on the same page, we know the necessary sanitation rules, we would know better what equipment we would need, and we wouldn’t have to figure out so many of the rules.

This is going to be Epic!

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