Ok my new obsession

Elise: Ok, I know it’s illegal so I’m not going to do it very often… sigh, which is prob a good thing cause it causes lot’s of anxiety, but my new obsession is Urban Exploring. Oh so cool!!! Jess and I used to do this in high school every now and then, remember when we skipped that assembly and explored the Crack House Jess? that was pretty fun, we found documents in the basement and apperently this family used to own a flower shop.

I wish I had pictures from the crack house. Wait, let me go back. Urban Exploration is when you explore abandoned houses, warehouses, mines, tunnels, catacombs, bridges, factories, etc. Basically anything that is here in the present, but very much routed in the past. The Crack House still had furniture and toys and this family’s business books. It just makes you wonder who they were and why it was suddenly abandoned. A good podcast on the subject was done by This American Life if you’ve got an hour or so you should listen to it http://www.thisamericanlife.org/radio-archives/episode/199/House-on-Loon-Lake

Anyway!!! Friday night my friends Oakley, Justin and I explored a pretty cool wood factory or something. It wasn’t that cool, but it was late at night so it wasn’t boring! So we went to the top of the parking garage at my work (Deseret News)

pictures courtesy of Devin Oakley Shea

pictures courtesy of Devin Oakley Shea

and ended up in the roofs of the buildings that made up this alley below.

We were on these roofs, only at night 🙂 oak was the only one with enough upper body strength to climb up the rope that let to that stair case you can see on the building to the right of the smoke stack.. i need to get in shape (p.s. this was taken with Jess and my camera - which we still need a name for)

So we went home and watched that Charlie Chapline movie with Robert Downy Jr. (really good btw) on Netflix, then Oak and Justin told me about this abandoned mine shaft (well the building over the mine shaft) in Park City on Mountain Resort. So Saturday Oak and I hit it up!

It was kinda rikity, i also climbed into the hole behind and off to the side of me in that pic

These looked kinda like a pipe organ

On our way back from Park City i actually DID wreck my car!

it was really wet in here

Before we started our adventures, I was did some research on this site http://www.uer.ca/ It’s pretty awesome! the only problem is that I don’t have full access and won’t until after a LOT of personal exploration and posting and such. It’s a very exclusive society. Anyway but I also joined this other site: http://urbanexplorers.net/ It doesn’t have as much info on good sites for exploration and their difficutly, security, required equipment etc like the otherone does. But it’s still pretty good for getting in contact with other Urban explorers around the state.

Anyway Jess, we had fun doing this before and i think we should look into doing more of it! It’s kinda dangerous… and illegal, but we don’t have to do a lot of it, and nowhere that the risk of getting caught is super high. But i think it would pretty much be AWESOME!!!!

oh and if this interested you check out these sites:


http://www.howstuffworks.com/outdoor-activities/urban-sports/urban-exploration.htm (Stuff you should know podcast did a really awesome podcast called how urban exploration works, and another cool one How abandoned cities work)


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3 Responses to Ok my new obsession

  1. Mandy Bird says:

    Be careful but have fun! My friends and I used to go downtown and run through parking garages. It’s always less scary with guys (as a young lady). And I love the photos Ellie!

  2. Oakley Shea says:

    Great entry Kiddo! I’d like to take more photos for your blog, from food to explorations! I think that it would be a great thing to have your raw great photos along with some hi-fi as well. Makes lo-fi even more endearing.

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