Bad Date Survival Guide

Sorry we’re starting this a little late but today’s topic of discussion is Bad Date Survival Guide!

Elise: Jess is currently indisposed so i’ll start off the discussion with a question. What was your worst date?
I think by far my worst date was when I took this guy to a Jazz concert (we’d been out the day before and he had gotten really friendly and i had an extra ticket so i thought why not invite this guy?) Anyway so after the concert we ended up going to the Gateway (the outdoor mall in SLC) cause his band was playing there. Now i didn’t know anyone there and he was playing so i couldn’t talk to him, so i tried making small talk with the VERY friendly couple next to me….didn’t work out. Then these…. scantily clad, giggly groupies showed up. And I lost all my date’s attention. I was left standing there with no one to talk to while my date went to flirt with the giggly groupies. Now I should have left, but i didn’t want to be that girl that gets mad and storms off. So instead i waited patiently for him to finish flirting and just didn’t indulge in the flirty conversation he was trying to start up in the car on the way home. when he asked if i wanted to do something after, I told him i had to get up early then called my friends and asked them what they were doing (with him right there in the car).

I got back at him when i saw him at church the next day and I just looked AWESOME!! i was wearing that dress i knew he loved, and when he tried to talk to me, i just acted totally aloof 🙂 he walked away with that hurt little look when he finally got that i was just not interested.
Revenge is pretty sweet 🙂

Ok now what is YOUR worst date?

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4 Responses to Bad Date Survival Guide

  1. hahaha ya I can totally see you doing that. Who was the dude?

    Well, I went to the movies with one of my boyfriends *who will remain anonymous on this page* and a chick friend of mine. Anyways we went back to my friend’s house to just chill and she had a cousin *or close family friend* over and my boyfriend basically ignored me and flirted with my friend and my friend’s friend. :p

    I can tell you there was no hand holding on the ride home that night. (middle school)

  2. Tal-ya says:

    Haha well I met this guy when I was leaving school and he randomly stopped me and decided to get my number. It was weird and out of the blue. I call him Africa. So Africa and I chatted a bit then he wanted to meet up on a date per say. Haha we ended up at an artic circle. We had small sodas and we talked. That was sooo awkward in it self. Then he asked me he wanted to sit in his car. I did’t know hardley anything about this guy and I was not comfortable at all. I was able to change his mind. Phew! (: well to end “the date” he walked me to my car side hugged me but didn’t let go he put his hand on my neck and tried to kiss me twice!!!! Not just once but twice. Ewe Africa and I would never work out because he obviously knew nothing about me. He was stepping leaps and bounds and popping so many bubbles I don’t think the bubble maker could give me mire that night. My bad date isn’t as dramatic as somes but it was to me!!

  3. Kesler Ottley says:

    I went on this date, and this wasn’t the first date, but I was starting to really like this girl, and we went to a movie ($16) and got some food over at McDonald’s ($5) and then I took her home, to which we sat in my car and just talked for a while. Then I took the opportunity of one quiet moment in the conversation and said, “You know how much I care about you, right?” To which she looked at me and quickly responded, “Actually, no, I don’t.” She then got out of the car, slammed my car door and stormed into her house.

    Now spending money wasn’t the issue, I insist on paying for girls on dates. But the fact that I had taken the time on several occasions (including Prom) to take her out on dates and spend my money and my time with her, apparently somewhere she felt I didn’t care about her.

    Needless to say… I ended it. She apologized so many times, but I laughed when she did, her reasoning for wanting me back was heavily flawed.

    • tye carlile says:

      OHHH KESLER! haha. You need to tell me more about this! I don’t go on dates all that often so i haven’t had a bad one haha.

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