How School Should Work

Elise: Going to classes that you will never use, just to get that piece of paper that says “I conformed to the standards put forward by a bunch of rich old white guys, spent all my parents’ money, worked my butt off learning things I’ve now forgotten because I had absolutely no interest in what I was learning for years and years, but I have gained knowledge in theory and work done by others so now I can hopefully get a job in the profession I want” just seems so futile.

Instead of being geared toward a system and a set plan, school should be geared toward getting the student experience. As a journalist I would like to take classes in everything. I want to take all the language courses i want, as well as political science, history, and photography. I want to tailor my learning experience, not to getting a certain amount of credits, or taking the required math classes, bleh, But to what I want my career to look like. I want to be able to put “certified scuba diver” on a resume i’m sending to National Geo. Who is the administration to say that an aviation or culinary class isn’t relevant to a journalism major?

I want to take a math class because it’s relevant, not because it’s required. This is a free country, except in schools. School papers don’t have the full “Freedom of the Press” thanks to hazelwood v. kuhlmeier. I think everyone has seen invasion of privacy and the suppression of free speech in schools.

Something needs to change. I’m thinking about being the one to start that change. Instead of decorating my resume with theory statements like “Bachelor’s degree in journalism”, I’ll hearty it up with experience like “Internship at Deseret News 2010” and “Citizens Against Government Waste Internship 2011.”

If you are talented with ambition, and the Lord behind you, anything is possible, even sticking it to the man.

JESS: I completely agree with all of this. The only thing I would have to add is imagine how much better people would do in school if no classes at all were required?

People would probably take the same classes, over all, just by being smart and thinking about having a good resume to give to their work. But just taking the word “required” would give high school a whole new meaning and purpose.

The people in high school would automatically work  harder because they signed up for the class voluntarily.

There is reason behind all required classes, and choosing those classes ourselves help us realize that. In the meantime, we need to figure out those reasons and see how they would benefit us. Inmy opinion that is the best way to live life to the fullest!

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One Response to How School Should Work

  1. Kesler Ottley says:

    More classes should be offered for actual job interests. I took ‘Sports Sewing’ because I had to have CTE credit. I’m super glad (Prepare for sarcasm) that I’m forced to take a sewing class so I can graduate, when my real interest is music, and the only classes for that are Band(s), Music Theory, and Electronic Music. And I’m trying to gain an education on how to record and produce music… Yay High School!!!

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