Some day this will be me

As a kid, my parents and I used to go to the beach a lot. I have no siblings so it was just me and my parents. I would dig up sand crabs and my dad would help me make castles, or my mom and me would bury my dad in the sand. But once my dad and I were on the beach of Cape Cod (or Martha’s Vineyard) and we decided to dig a huge hole.

So we started digging and we didn’t leave that whole for maybe an hour or two or more. People would walk by and look in our hole and they would ask, “What are you doing?” and we would say “Digging.”

After a couple hours in the whole (which got so deep we had to dig steps in the side to get out, we got out to get food. When we got out and looked around, There were holes scattered all over the beach.

The coolest part about that was the single act of digging a hole, brought all those people’s beach experience together.

This old man did the same thing. Except his was better because they were interacting with each other.

Some day i’ll do this.

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