Birth date: September 14th 1990

Death date: September 13th 2090

Profession: Multi-Media Journalist (currently print)

Hobbies: Cooking, Latin Dancing, Listening to Podcasts, Surfing the WWW, Planning my life, Watching Documentaries, over coming my phobias, Bee’s Games.

Phobias: Big things underwater (anything that’s bigger than me: whales, sunken ships, rocks), commitment, failure, ants, heights, and Popsicle sticks.

Ultimate Goal in Life: To never stop improving the quality of life for myself and those around me.

Hero: Joseph Muren (my grandfather)

Honorable Mention: Robert Woodword and Carl Bernstein, Nellie Bly, and my parents (separately…not as a couple.)

Epitaph: “Life is good, God is great, People are crazy, and I hate country”

Additional Notes

My religion is the most important thing in my life. American Pie will be played at my funeral.


Bill Watterson is a god, The God’s Must be Crazy, and I’ve wanted to be a journalist since I saw All the President’s men, I want to be Woodstein – that’s right Woodstein. In 5th grade I started my own magazine, and I used to carry around a little notebook so I could write my classmate’s every move – I was taking notes for the best selling seiries I was going to write about my middle school.

My Life Plan

  • Be in journalism by 16 (check)
  • Work at a real Newspaper by 19 (check)
  • Go on an LDS mission at 21 (check)
  • Get my Bachelor’s in Journalism
  • Get Married by 23-24
  • Travel the world
  • Retire and own a Bed and Breakfast

21 things before I turn 21 (check Turned 21 9/14/2011)

  1. Go Paragliding (check)
  2. Learn to ski (check)
  3. Go Splunking (check)
  4. Go SDing (check)
  5. Live on my own (check)
  6. Do Baptisms in every LDS temple on the Wasatch Front
    1. Logan
    2. Bountiful (check)
    3. Ogden
    4. Salt Lake City (check)
    5. Draper
    6. Oquirh
    7. Manti (check)
    8. Jordan River (check)
    9. Mt Timpaogus
    10. Provo
  7. Go to Cali – Road Trip (check)
  8. Chill in Hot Springs and or a Hot tub in the winter (check)
  9. Have a Veggie Garden (check)
  10. Sell something at the Farmer’s Market (check)
  11. Learn to sew and make an article of clothing from scratch
  12. Make Cow Tongue (check)
  13. Go Streaking
  14. Interview a really big celebrity (check Elder Uctdorf of the LDS church) (check Ali Stephens the super model)
  15. Build a snowman sculpture from Calvin and Hobbes (check)
  16. Organize a charity event (check)
  17. Own every season of Friends and the last episode dvd (check)
  18. Read the Bible, Book of Mormon, Pearl of Great Price, Doctrine and Covenants, and Mission library.
  19. Write a front page story for a real newspaper (check) (check) (check)
  20. Kiss someone on New Years Eve (check)
  21. Learn self defense (check)

40 things before I turn 40

Ball Game Bucket List

I want to see:

  • Charging the Mound
  • The Mascot get hurt
  • A light get taken out

I want to experience:

  • Catch a fly ball or home run
  • Actually having the overpriced ballpark peanuts and crackerjacks at a home game while wearing the team shirt and bbcap
  • Know all the players
  • Season Tickets
  • The kissing cam

Pre-Marriage bucket list

  • Date a chef (check…ish)
  • Date a Korean – they are very attractive (check)
  • Date a guy with a sexy accent (check..ish – he turned out to be a creeper)
  • Date a guy in a band (check-a-roony!!!)
  • Kiss a guy with a lip rig – I wonder what it feels like (check..ish)
  • Kiss someone on new years eve (check)
  • Kiss someone under the mistletoe
  • Get chocolate on Valentine’s day
  • Have a serious boyfriend (check)
  • Spiderman kiss (check)
  • Kiss someone while dancing in the rain (check)
  • Write a missionary (check)

Bucket List Bucket List

  1. Finish my 21 list (check)
  2. Make(check)/finish a 40 list
  3. Make/finish a 62 list
  4. Get Married in the Jordan River Temple
  5. Raise a family in the LDS church
  6. Travel the world
  7. Go to the Statue of Liberty
  8. Live in D.C.
  9. See the Northern lights
  10. Earn the title of “Muckraker”
  11. Noodle
  12. Skydive
  13. Go backpacking (check)
  14. Follow the plan
  15. Play one note on the organ in the Tabernacle
  16. Meet Robert Woodword
  17. Start a business
  18. Get a death threat because of an article I wrote
  19. Throw water in someone’s face (check)
  20. Be a part of 3 global…things
  21. Be homeless (check)
  22. Panhandle
  23. live in my car (check)
  24. Get arrested for not revealing a source
  25. to be able to speak over 7 languages fluently or almost fluently
  26. learn how to cook in every style
  27. Teach a college class
  28. Give a lecture
  29. Receive an award for journalism
  30. Use the word “obstreperous” in a sentence without it being forced
  31. Act in a movie or play
  32. Make a documentary
  33. Stay in touch with at least 3 of my friends from high school
  34. Take an overnight train
  35. Ride the NYC subway all day and do something with what I get out of it
  36. See the old Godzilla and King Kong movies
  37. Memorize the Constitution
  38. Memorize the Bill of Rights
  39. Give one of my kids “Danger” as a middle name
  40. Watch every episode of the Twilight Zone
  41. Go shark cage diving
  42. See the underwater city in the amazon
  43. Explore an underwater city
  44. Climb Matchu pitchu
  45. Explore catacombs in Europe
  46. Explore an abandoned city

3 Responses to Elise

  1. Candace says:

    elli! this makes me happy! let me knkow when you go on your road trip, and ill make sure you get treated right when your in LA! im excited that your all growed up! i love you girlie! oh, im going to New Jersey/New York in like four months! pretty excited about it!

  2. Popsicle sticks? You’ll jump some stranger’s fence to see if theres a hot tub on the other side but you’re scared of Popsicle sticks?!

  3. Heidi Lenora Brown says:

    So I am reading your blog and I love it. You guys are so creative and alive. We have one similar item on our bucket list which is… Do baptisms in all the temples in Utah. I am about half way done. Anyway you are such a good friend and this blog put a smile on my face. That is all. Well done!

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