How School Should Work

Elise: Going to classes that you will never use, just to get that piece of paper that says “I conformed to the standards put forward by a bunch of rich old white guys, spent all my parents’ money, worked my butt off learning things I’ve now forgotten because I had absolutely no interest in what I was learning for years and years, but I have gained knowledge in theory and work done by others so now I can hopefully get a job in the profession I want” just seems so futile.

Instead of being geared toward a system and a set plan, school should be geared toward getting the student experience. As a journalist I would like to take classes in everything. I want to take all the language courses i want, as well as political science, history, and photography. I want to tailor my learning experience, not to getting a certain amount of credits, or taking the required math classes, bleh, But to what I want my career to look like. I want to be able to put “certified scuba diver” on a resume i’m sending to National Geo. Who is the administration to say that an aviation or culinary class isn’t relevant to a journalism major?

I want to take a math class because it’s relevant, not because it’s required. This is a free country, except in schools. School papers don’t have the full “Freedom of the Press” thanks to hazelwood v. kuhlmeier. I think everyone has seen invasion of privacy and the suppression of free speech in schools.

Something needs to change. I’m thinking about being the one to start that change. Instead of decorating my resume with theory statements like “Bachelor’s degree in journalism”, I’ll hearty it up with experience like “Internship at Deseret News 2010” and “Citizens Against Government Waste Internship 2011.”

If you are talented with ambition, and the Lord behind you, anything is possible, even sticking it to the man.

JESS: I completely agree with all of this. The only thing I would have to add is imagine how much better people would do in school if no classes at all were required?

People would probably take the same classes, over all, just by being smart and thinking about having a good resume to give to their work. But just taking the word “required” would give high school a whole new meaning and purpose.

The people in high school would automatically workย  harder because they signed up for the class voluntarily.

There is reason behind all required classes, and choosing those classes ourselves help us realize that. In the meantime, we need to figure out those reasons and see how they would benefit us. Inmy opinion that is the best way to live life to the fullest!

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My under water spree

Elise: Since I was a little girl, I’ve always LOVED marine biology, I’ve been swimming without floaties since 18 months, and in middle school, I stole a book from the school library on marine life which i still have and still love to look at.

I can hold my breath for a long time, and i could get better. How cool would it be if I trained my self to be able to do something like this?

That whole thing was filmed in one breath! Guillaume Nery is in the shot and Julie Gautier is behind the camera. Two Free Divers in one amazing video!

Jess and I also want to get certified so we can see this

The "river" is actually a layer of hydrogen sulphide

It's in a cave in Mexico

How COOL is that?!

we really need to get certified Jess

It’d be sweet to explore an underwater city

Yonaguni-Jima, Japan

I’m so excited for my Marine Biology class this fall semester!

Oh, and one more thing. Shark Cage Diving looks AWESOME!!!!!!

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Bad Date Survival Guide

Sorry we’re starting this a little late but today’s topic of discussion is Bad Date Survival Guide!

Elise: Jess is currently indisposed so i’ll start off the discussion with a question. What was your worst date?
I think by far my worst date was when I took this guy to a Jazz concert (we’d been out the day before and he had gotten really friendly and i had an extra ticket so i thought why not invite this guy?) Anyway so after the concert we ended up going to the Gateway (the outdoor mall in SLC) cause his band was playing there. Now i didn’t know anyone there and he was playing so i couldn’t talk to him, so i tried making small talk with the VERY friendly couple next to me….didn’t work out. Then these…. scantily clad, giggly groupies showed up. And I lost all my date’s attention. I was left standing there with no one to talk to while my date went to flirt with the giggly groupies. Now I should have left, but i didn’t want to be that girl that gets mad and storms off. So instead i waited patiently for him to finish flirting and just didn’t indulge in the flirty conversation he was trying to start up in the car on the way home. when he asked if i wanted to do something after, I told him i had to get up early then called my friends and asked them what they were doing (with him right there in the car).

I got back at him when i saw him at church the next day and I just looked AWESOME!! i was wearing that dress i knew he loved, and when he tried to talk to me, i just acted totally aloof ๐Ÿ™‚ he walked away with that hurt little look when he finally got that i was just not interested.
Revenge is pretty sweet ๐Ÿ™‚

Ok now what is YOUR worst date?

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Pending Awesomeness

Ok people, We have a VERY important topic coming up. All day Monday we are going to be posting a discussion on the question, “What do I do on a terrible date?”

We all know what this is like

We will be posting our own stories of just AWFUL dates and what we should do once a date goes wrong. But what we REALLY want is YOU GUYS TO COMMENT!!!!!!!! Tell you’re stories, and jump in on what you think would be a good “bad date strategy!”

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Rock Climbing

Maple canyon= excelent place to go rock climbing and bouldering.

Lets make a day of this! Oakley should come too.

So intimidating! But it would be fun! And scary!ย  but fun..

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Ok my new obsession

Elise: Ok, I know it’s illegal so I’m not going to do it very often… sigh, which is prob a good thing cause it causes lot’s of anxiety, but my new obsession is Urban Exploring. Oh so cool!!! Jess and I used to do this in high school every now and then, remember when we skipped that assembly and explored the Crack House Jess? that was pretty fun, we found documents in the basement and apperently this family used to own a flower shop.

I wish I had pictures from the crack house. Wait, let me go back. Urban Exploration is when you explore abandoned houses, warehouses, mines, tunnels, catacombs, bridges, factories, etc. Basically anything that is here in the present, but very much routed in the past. The Crack House still had furniture and toys and this family’s business books. It just makes you wonder who they were and why it was suddenly abandoned. A good podcast on the subject was done by This American Life if you’ve got an hour or so you should listen to it

Anyway!!! Friday night my friends Oakley, Justin and I explored a pretty cool wood factory or something. It wasn’t that cool, but it was late at night so it wasn’t boring! So we went to the top of the parking garage at my work (Deseret News)

pictures courtesy of Devin Oakley Shea

pictures courtesy of Devin Oakley Shea

and ended up in the roofs of the buildings that made up this alley below.

We were on these roofs, only at night ๐Ÿ™‚ oak was the only one with enough upper body strength to climb up the rope that let to that stair case you can see on the building to the right of the smoke stack.. i need to get in shape (p.s. this was taken with Jess and my camera - which we still need a name for)

So we went home and watched that Charlie Chapline movie with Robert Downy Jr. (really good btw) on Netflix, then Oak and Justin told me about this abandoned mine shaft (well the building over the mine shaft) in Park City on Mountain Resort. So Saturday Oak and I hit it up!

It was kinda rikity, i also climbed into the hole behind and off to the side of me in that pic

These looked kinda like a pipe organ

On our way back from Park City i actually DID wreck my car!

it was really wet in here

Before we started our adventures, I was did some research on this site It’s pretty awesome! the only problem is that I don’t have full access and won’t until after a LOT of personal exploration and posting and such. It’s a very exclusive society. Anyway but I also joined this other site: It doesn’t have as much info on good sites for exploration and their difficutly, security, required equipment etc like the otherone does. But it’s still pretty good for getting in contact with other Urban explorers around the state.

Anyway Jess, we had fun doing this before and i think we should look into doing more of it! It’s kinda dangerous… and illegal, but we don’t have to do a lot of it, and nowhere that the risk of getting caught is super high. But i think it would pretty much be AWESOME!!!!

oh and if this interested you check out these sites: (Stuff you should know podcast did a really awesome podcast called how urban exploration works, and another cool one How abandoned cities work)


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Jess: Hey all, I am here to inform you that I will be gone on a camping trip for the rest of the week to Maple canyon. It is my first intermediate family reunion, and should be a lot of fun!

This is more of a relaxing thing for my family, so although I would love you spend the days hiking around, I’ll probably only get on good hike in. I will tell you all about it when I get back! Wish me luck!

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